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Call for Papers

Software Architecture Gathering | Call for Papers

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Software architectures from the past and for the future

As software architects we feel like we are going on a time travel every day. On one hand, we have to maintain and further develop long-standing system landscapes, often lovingly called "legacy". On the other hand, we must not neglect new possibilities in the form of emerging technologies and trends either.

Therefore our work confronts us with a wide range of challenges:

  • We have to maintain, expand and manage existing systems.
  • We have to modernize central, mostly business-critical systems in order to make them ready for the coming years.
  • We have to provide our colleagues and our entire organization with the knowledge of new technologies and the possibilities of integration with older ones.
  • We have to integrate old and new technologies in all their ways without becoming completely lost in utter chaos.
  • We have to communicate the need for modernization to our management and adequately present the results achieved.
  • We have to provide all parties involved with the ways and methods to operate in this highly complex environment.

We are looking for presentations that provide ideas and describe experiences on how to approach these issues above. No matter whether it is dealing with existing systems, introducing new technologies, modernizing, integrating or simply keeping an oversight.

Would you like to be a speaker at the Software Architecture Gathering on 14 + 15 October 2020?

Then please send us your suggestions for sessions (45 min), lightning talks (20 min), full-day or half-day workshops and also interactive formats such as panel discussions, open space and fishbowl. We are looking forward to your submissions!

The Call for Papers is open until 09 April!


Instructions for submissions

Submission deadline: 09 April 2020

Please submit your proposal(s) using the online form:

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All sessions can be held in German or English. Please use your session language for submitting title, abstract and additional information.

All proposals must include the following detailed information for consideration:

  • Information on Speaker(s): Name(s), E-Mail(s), Organization(s), Job Title and Biography
  • Title of Proposal: max. 100 characters, including spaces (titles with more than 100 characters are truncated)
  • Abstract: max. 960 characters, including spaces (abstracts with more than 960 characters are truncated)
  • Target Audience: max. 90 characters
  • Prerequisites: max. 90 characters
  • Level: Basic, Advanced, Experts
  • Session type: Session (45 min), Lightning Talk (20 min), Workshop (Half/Full Day), Interactive Session (45 min)
  • Biography: max. 480 characters