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Programm Details

Mittwoch, 14.10.2020   |   17:00 - 17:45 Uhr   |    Mi 3.5

Agile EAM is possible

Annegret Junker
Allianz Deutschland
Lead Architect

Agile EAM sounds quite strange. EAM in a first place means governance and governance is not agile. Controlling teams means to steal freedom from them – which is not agile at all. On the other hand, a big picture is needed to get one product from several teams in a large project. Moreover, the touched domains get more and more complex and more interweaving e.g. financial and insurance are meanwhile one domain more or less. Therefore, we need new frameworks beyond Zachmann and TOGAF which allow agility and governance without contradiction.

The session presents such a framework. The frame is based on experience of the presenter and is used in projects in automotive and insurance industry at least partially. The session is held interactive insofar that spectators can give their opinions and experience via poll in an interactive app. The results are shown immediately. The results of those polls will be given to the spectators.

Target Audience: Architects, Developer, Scrum Master, Project Leads
Prerequisites: Agile methodology and Waterfall, EAM basics
Level: Advanced