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Mittwoch, 14.10.2020   |   17:00 - 17:45 Uhr   |    Do 3.5

The Three Pillars of API Governance

Erik Wilde

API Governance becomes increasingly challenging with increasing organizational size: How to best balance the needs of faster ways of developing products with the needs of an organization that has to manage many of these products? Pillar #1 of API Governance are insights: In order to understand where the API landscape is moving, it is important to understand what it looks like.
Pillar #2 of API Governance are interfaces: APIs are saying that how things are built is of no concern to a capability's user, but that what is being built can make a big difference in terms of how APIs are discovered and used. Pillar #3 of API Governance is nudging: The most effective way to evolve API landscapes is when teams make all the right design and implementation decisions by themselves. Using these three pillars of API governance, enterprise architects and platform teams can have a substantial and productive influence on an organization's API landscape.

Architects, Product Managers, Developers, API Platform Teams
Voraussetzungen: Basic understanding of APIs
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Advanced